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Saturday, April 7, 2012

(based on a conversation with a co-worker)

“I do not believe it.” He said to me.
“Reincarnation does not exist.
Nothing more to discuss about it.
No heaven, no more than this.
I cannot conceive it.” He said to me.
“The point of it does not make sense.
When death comes along that’s it.” He said.
“What else could there possibly be?”

“I do believe it.” To him I said.
“What point to life otherwise?
There would be no room for advancement,
no chance to raise the vibration.
What point would there be for just one life?”
This of him I asked.
“Death is just of the body.
Our essence is then set free.
To come again another time.
To learn, to love, to just be.”

“You haven’t convinced me.” He said to me.
“No one can know for sure.
I cannot conceive of an afterlife.
This life is enough to endure.”

The person I spoke with was still asleep.
The concept escaped him somehow.
A consciousness level had not been reached;
perhaps later in some way, not now.
This view may change when he makes the leap
to a new way of understanding.
But just not now.

This person speaking is myself,
with many lives under my belt.
I understand the cycle of life,
the point of the play and beyond.
Always another chance to learn;
a chance to gain insight and see.
Reincarnation- a definite fact to me;
A concept I know to be.
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
It's been a while since I updated my blog but I have not been idle.

My second book "Walking with Jesus: What He Really Came To Say" is now completed and edited. This book is an evolutionary step manifesting from my first book. It links the all important principles of universal law to the teachings presented over 2000 years ago by Jeshua ben Josef.

I believe the first book was a lead-in to get me to the point of understanding and sharing the information of this next book. It is a true soul call for me.

Additionally, I have started writing articles for a local magazine called Island Gals, featuring stories about local people and their journeys. These stories are uplifting, funny and inspirational, showcasing a slice of island life.

The following article is the first one I wrote for the premier issue of Island Gals.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In the mid-nineties I read an article proclaiming the uprising of a spiritual movement. It was a prediction piece suggesting a global involvement with America leading the way. At the time I had already begun to notice the shift away from organized religion and heading towards spirituality. Over the years I watched this movement gain momentum as many teachers and authors stepped up to share their knowledge.

Research led to the discovery and insight into the changing times we are all experiencing. Between two ages, we are presently leaving behind the Age of Pisces with all it's religious focus and heading into the Age of Aquarius where the focus is on the ethers and the seeking of truth.

We are already witnessing the Aquarian effects with the explosion of technological advancements, all of which are taking place within the ethers. The advent of the internet led the way, with wireless communication following closely behind and there is still more advancement to come.

The truth seeking portion of this new age is also manifesting as many hidden aspects and agendas are now being brought forward for all to see.

As I watched a documentary entitled 'South of the Border' by Oliver Stone it became clear that America was indeed leading the way; just not North America as I had assumed, but South America. A group of leaders have been elected by the people of various countries, who all seem to be working together to bring back sovereignty for the good of all the people. This is certainly not the picture painted by the western media.

Aquarius, the taskmaster, has decreed that the light of truth will shine brightly. Like the bubbles in a glass of Champagne, it will always rise to the surface and so it has begun.

Kudos to Oliver Stone for being a truth-seeker and presenting us with the real story of a continent that has taken it's power back and is definitely leading the way to show the rest of the world that it can be done.

Friday, September 17, 2010

While researching material for a book I am currently writing, linking the principles of universal law with the messages presented by Jeshua ben Josef (Jesus), my awareness was drawn to the existence of a possible bloodline spanning over 2000 years. This bloodline is said to exist from the union of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. It is postulated that they had children and shared a life in the region of Rennes le Chateau in Southern France, after the crucifixion, if indeed it happened or if it happened as recorded.

Some scholars investigated the possibility of this union and have concluded that chances are good it did occur and consequently created a bloodline that reaches to present day.

This got me to thinking about bloodlines and how important are they really are.

The soul, the driver of any incarnation is far more important than the costume-du-jour. Having been around many times in many lives, the soul has likely been in a vast variety of bodies consisting of different colors, creeds, nationality, religions and gender. It has possibly resided all over the globe. Some souls have reincarnated hundreds and even thousands of times. Understanding that we have been all types like actors on a stage with many performances under our belt can help to bring about a tolerance for those whom we think are unlike us.

People of any given bloodline may inherit physical characteristics and DNA but the vast cast of players appearing into the bodies will have an array of different experiences, each bringing his/her own challenges along.

We all share the unified field energy that gives life to all living things and we also share a past as players in a game--just one more link to bind us all--one more reason to celebrate our common ground rather than furthering the idea of separation. We are all one, here to learn and provide for soul growth.
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Planting our garden I couldn’t help but marvel, once again, at the awesome ability of nature to produce such abundance. Tiny little seeds get to become lush plants, some bearing fruit, some veggies.
We plant carrot seeds and get carrots, not beans or peas.
How does nature do this?
Is it part of a soul group, like animals who come in with a certain amount of knowledge for survival?
I read that bird song gives the signal to start growing and the process continues while the birds keep singing. Since everything in this universe is made-up of vibration this connection is certainly a viability. It would explain why things do not grow well in winter, even indoors, under lights.

The same energy drives everything so a connection between birds and plants is very possible. We have all known people purported to have green thumbs.
Could this account for a deeper connection between people and plants?
My friend Metta used to talk to her plants as she lovingly tended her ‘spirit’ garden. Her efforts were well rewarded. The garden was amazing, each year.

It is with great pleasure that we begin to harvest lettuce and radishes and look forward to luscious tomatoes, fresh beans, peas and potatoes-all grown naturally without poisons.

My deepest gratitude goes to Gaia for having this process so well in place to nourish her peeps.